Document and contract authentication has been a part of modern society for decades. This is a $100 bill. We can validate that it’s authentic because it has a unique serial number and special security features. That authentication works so well that over $1.2 trillion dollars in $100 bills are in circulation around the world, and we can use ATM machines to automatically accept and dispense them.

Blockchain based document and contract authentication works much the same way, with similar potential for automation. Just like standardizing authentication for paper currency has allowed a global network of ATM machines, standardized authentication for documents and contracts will give rise to something new in the legal industry – “ecosystem contract automation”.

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Integra is an industry-wide technology infrastructure based on  blockchain that enables seamless, interoperable, transaction automation between organizations even when using different software systems.

HASH - unique 64 digit digital

Unique document IDs and digital fingerprints called hashes are generated privately by firms and clients and registered on Integra Ledger. No private information or document contents are stored on Integra.
The nodes of the Integra Ledger blockchain are hosted by major legal industry organizations. This creates a highly redundant record of document authenticity.

The IDs and hashes recorded on Integra are publicly viewable, so any software can query Integra to confirm authenticity, and then automatically process document and contract data.

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