Host a node of Integra Ledger

Nodes of the Integra Ledger blockchain are hosted by major organizations. Working together, the synchronized nodes provide the distributed "trust network" that enables document and contract automation between organizations around the world, regardless of specific software applications that they may be running.

Integra does not charge a fee to organizations that wish to host a node.

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Guaranteeing trust in digital data via blockchain, which is hosted by many large organizations and not Integra itself.


Integra Ledger will help confirm the existence and uniqueness of data across entity boundaries, without needing to trust other parties with the data itself.


With just a few lines of code, the Integra Ledger API automates enterprise data with trust, identity & security.


Non cloud-based solution, de-centralized and inexpensive. Compatible with existing legacy systems thereby avoiding a major overhaul.


Using Encryption to create immutable blockchain IDs for data and document use across organizations and software systems.